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Query model

Query model


This API endpoint is designed to retrieve information on both public and private models. It allows users to access details such as model specifications, status, and usage guidelines, ensuring comprehensive insight into the available modeling resources.

You can get guidance at in new window.

Request header parameters

  • Content-TypestringRequired


  • AuthorizationstringRequired

    Bearer authentication format, for example: Bearer {{API Key}}.

Request Body parameters

  • filter.visibilitystring

    Model types, `public` or `private`, default `public`. If not set, the interface will query all type of models.

  • filter.sourcestring

    Source of the model.

    civitai training uploading
  • filter.typesstring

    Specifies the types of models to include in the query.

    checkpoint lora vae controlnet upscaler textualinversion
  • filter.is_sdxlboolean

    Whether sdxl model or not. Setting this parameter to `true` includes only sdxl models in the query results, which are typically large-scale, high-performance models designed for extensive data processing tasks. Conversely, setting it to `false` excludes these models from the results. If left unspecified, the filter will not discriminate based on the sdxl classification, including all model types in the search results.

  • filter.querystring

    Seaching the content of sd_name, name, tags.

  • filter.is_inpaintingboolean

    If set to true, it will filter out the checkpoints used for Inpainting. Default is false.

  • pagination.limitstring

    Model numbers query per request, range (0, 100]

  • pagination.cursorstring

    pagination.cursor is used to specify which record to start returning from. If it is empty, it means to get it from the beginning. Generally, the content of the next page is obtained by passing in the next_cursor field value in the response packet.


  • models[object]


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  • paginationobject


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