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Voice Clone Instant API

Voice Clone Instant API


This API enables the rapid cloning of a voice from just a few minutes of audio input. By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, it can replicate the nuances and intonations of the provided voice sample, creating a synthetic voice clone. This technology is ideal for personalized audio applications, such as virtual assistants, audio books, or other digital media where voice customization is crucial.

This is an asynchronous API, only the task_id will be returned. You should use the task_id to request the Task Result API at in new window to retrieve the image generation results.

Request header parameters

  • Content-TypestringRequired


  • AuthorizationstringRequired

    Bearer authentication format, for example: Bearer {{API Key}}.

Request Body parameters

  • extraobject

    Optional extra parameters for the request.

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  • requestobjectRequired

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