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Voice cloning instant API is an AI voice cloning service that allows generating synthetic voices cloned from any speaker, with just a few minutes of reference audio. Our API analyzes sample speech to extract the unique characteristics of a speaker's voice quality, accent, pronunciation and intonation. With this data, our voice models can synthesize new speech mimicking the source speaker with human-like naturalness.

Instant voice cloning: Minimize effort, maximize your productivity

Generate your AI voice replica using only a few minutes of audio.

Clone Your Voice in Minutes

Efficiently generate a reliable voice clone from short audio samples with Instant Voice Cloning for immediate results.Achieve exceptional accuracy across 20+ languages.

How to Clone Your Voice

1. Upload samples

Clone a voice from a clean sample recording. Samples should contain 1 speaker and be over 1 minute long.

2. Generate audio

Get instant results with instant voice cloning.

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