Stable Diffusion YiffyMix

Model Nameyiffymix_31_81480.safetensors
uploaded on e621, ((by Wildering, by Foxovh, by Disney)), Zootopia, solo ((nick wilde)) with ((neck tuft)) and (fluffy tail) and ((clear navy blue eyes)), ((half-length portrait)), ((wear blue hawaii floral shirt with grey pants)), BREAK ((sitting at island with plant and water on sunny day)), (detailed background, depth of field, half body shadow, sunlight, ambient light on the body), (intricate:1.1), (high detail:1.2), (soft focus), [explicit content, questionable content], (masterpiece, best quality, 4k, 2k, shaded, absurd res)
Negative Prompt
low res, lowres, blurry, bad anatomy, letterbox, deformity, mutilated, malformed, amputee, watermark, signature, unusual anatomy, username, sketch, monochrome, sex, penetration, penis, breasts, nude
Cfg Scale5
SizeW: 640 / H: 896