Stable Diffusion T2 ART WORKS/ TONY TAKA 《Shining Tears》/《光明之泪》、《そらのいろ、みずのいろ》/《空之色,水之色》 - Artist Style SDXL

Model Nametony_xl_v1_106317
masterpiece, best quality, tony,1girl, souryuu asuka langley, solo, long hair, school uniform, blue eyes, smile, white background, ribbon, shirt, simple background, own hands together, orange hair, short sleeves, skirt, red ribbon, neck ribbon, white shirt, bangs, hair between eyes, looking at viewer, tokyo-3 middle school uniform, signature, closed mouth, two side up, hair ornament, suspender skirt, interface headset, suspenders, traditional media, cowboy shot, interlocked fingers, blue skirt,<lora:tony_xl_v1:0.9>
Negative Prompt
EasyNegative,sketch, duplicate, ugly, (huge eyes:1.2), text, logo, monochrome, (worst face:1.5), (bad and mutated hands:1.3), (worst quality:2.0), (low quality:2.0), (blurry:2.0), horror, geometry, bad_prompt, (bad hands:1.2), (missing fingers:1.2), (multiple limbs:1.2), bad anatomy, (interlocked fingers:1.5), (Ugly Fingers:1.5), (extra digit and hands and fingers and legs and arms:1.4), crown braid, ((2girl)), (deformed fingers:1.5), (long fingers:1.2), (bad-artist-anime), bad-artist, bad hand,(simple background),bad_prompt_version2
Cfg Scale9
SizeW: 1024 / H: 1344