Stable Diffusion SunshineMix&SunlightMix

Model Namesunshinemix_sunlightmixPruned.safetensors
symmetrical,High detail RAW color photo professional close photograph, [:(highly detail face: 1.2):0.1], half body, pore, real human skin, bathing in hot spring,body contact water and ripple around, reeds,clear and clean water, shiny eyes, looking at viewer, wet clothes, see-through clothes, nipples, wet body, wet hair, tindal effect, lens flare,shade, bloom, backlighting, depth of field, natural lighting, hard focus, film grain,detailed breasts,breast slip, smile, some water vapor, sweats, deadoralive ayane,
Negative Prompt
paintings, sketches, (worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2), lowres, normal quality, ((monochrome)), ((grayscale)), skin spots, acnes, skin blemishes, age spot, (outdoor:1.6), backlight,(ugly:1.331), (duplicate:1.331), (morbid:1.21), (mutilated:1.21), mutated hands, (poorly drawn hands:1.331), blurry, (bad anatomy:1.21), (bad proportions:1.331), extra limbs, (disfigured:1.331), (more than 2 nipples:1.331), (missing arms:1.331), (extra legs:1.331), (fused fingers:1.61051), (too many fingers:1.61051), (unclear eyes:1.331), lowers, bad hands, missing fingers, extra digit, (futa:1.1),bad hands, missing fingers.
Cfg Scale0
SizeW: 0 / H: 0