Stable Diffusion Starlight XL 星光 Animated

Model NamestarlightXLAnimated_v3_139722.safetensors
Photorealistic chibi art style, a beautiful woman in jeans and high heels, facing the viewers pretending to be scared, both hands on face, artistic, artist, simple volumtric light background, swirling clouds, ColorART, many cute ghosts with tongues out, chibi,
Negative Prompt
gaussian noise worst quality lowres oversaturated undersaturated overexposred underexposed grayscale bw bad photo bad photography bad art blur blurry grainy morbid ugly asymmetrical mutated malformed mutilated poorly lit bad shadow draft cropped out of frame cut off censored jpeg artifacts out of focus glitch duplicate pixelated soft focus color fringing overprocessed oversharpened
Cfg Scale3.6
SizeW: 0 / H: 0