Stable Diffusion rMadArt (SD1.5)

SD NamermadartSD15_v100Test_47018.safetensors
Biomechanical charlize theron hacker - shaman of the sisterhood of cables wearing cable - dress made of cables with biomechanical filigree, super haute couture highly detailed eye bokeh, photorealistic, cinematic lighting, dark atmosphere, volumetric lighting, action pose, epic scene, lots of fine detail, movie style, photography, natural textures, natural light, natural blur, photorealism, cinematic rendering, ray tracing, highest quality, highest detail, Cinematic, Blur Effect, Long Exposure, 8K, Ultra-HD, Natural Lighting, Moody Lighting, Cinematic Lighting, hyper-realistic, vibrant, 8k, detailed, ultra detail, soothing tones, muted colors
Negative Prompt
rmadanegative402_sd15 rmadanegative403_sd15 (nsfw:1.2)
Cfg Scale12
SizeW: 448 / H: 704