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Model NamerevAnimated_v11_16342.safetensors
((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), (detailed),nsfw, photorealistic, ultra high res, intricate, hyperdetailed, (skindentation), cute, feminine, detailed body , (detailed face:1.1), (outlined iris), (hidrocor lenses), (perfect eyes), 4k, beautiful, <lora:eyeLora_eyesV10:0.4>:1.3 , 1girl, <lora:bimbostyleFive:0.8> standing at ((frigate during the Golden Age, medium-sized warship, square-rigged design,frigate's hull is painted in dark colors, such as black or navy blue, with a sleek and streamlined design,he frigate has three masts with multiple sails, The deck of the frigate is well-organized and clutter-free, with a clear area for combat, cannons, and muskets, deck is elevated above the main deck and is accessible via a ladder or staircase, providing an unobstructed view of the surrounding waters,The steering wheel is made of wood, with a diameter of several feet, and is mounted on a vertical axis,)) a( Smart Cities and Hyperspace and Future technology and Laser guns and Virtual Reality and Cybersoldier ) Denim,Corduroy (hot pink crop top with a matching mini skirt, fishnet stockings, and platform heels) (massive lips: 1.3) and (huge lips:1.3) (silicon lips:1.3) and (parted lips:1.3) and (lips filler:1.3), (thick lips:1.3), (large breasts:1.2) and (huge breasts:1.2) , wide hips, thick thighs, she has silver and Copper colored hair, she has long hair length and a side-swept hair and wedge updo hair style, art by William-Adolphe Bouguereau and jin xiaodi and Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Negative Prompt
(worst quality: 1.4), (low quality:1.4), (monochrome:1.1), (loli:1.5), (shota:1.5), (tattoo:1), , (shiny:1.2), (flowers:1.2), Text, tears, watermark, veins,
Cfg Scale0
SizeW: 0 / H: 0