Stable Diffusion Refined

Model Namerefined_V11_51928.safetensors
analog style, (polaroid photo), of enticing 1960s 35 year old hippie woman with messy hair, (wearing vintage psychedelic micro mini skirt, barefoot with ankle bracelets, flower headwear), (at Woodstock 1969:1.1), slim body, petite breasts, perfect face, alluring eyes, detailed skin, [[[imperfect skin]]], (beauty marks:0.3), [[[freckles]]], slightly parted lips, carefree attitude, natural lighting, film-like, photographed on a polaroid Instamatic 100, 60mm f/11 lens, color P7 type 100 film, film grain, [[closeup]]
Negative Prompt
(child, childlike, kid), (monochrome:1.3), 3d render, cartoon, oversaturated, bad hands, lowres, long body, ((blurry)), duplicate, ((duplicate body parts)), [wrong|anatomy], (disfigured), (poorly drawn), (extra limbs), fused fingers, extra fingers, (twisted), malformed hands, (((mutated hands and fingers))), contorted, conjoined, ((missing limbs)), logo, signature, text, watermark, boring, mutated, artifacts, bad art, gross, [ugly], poor quality,(bad_prompt_version2:0.8), bad-hands-5
Cfg Scale8
SizeW: 640 / H: 640