Stable Diffusion RealityFuse XL

Model NamerealityfuseXL_v30_394675.safetensors
realistic, Analog style, vhs style, 8mm film, chromatic aberration, Dvd screengrab, 80s movie, cinematic lighting, Yumi tsu, Live portrait photography, Contemporary photography, in the style of gothic dark intensity, snapshot aesthetic, light black, chinapunk, slender, karencore, high details, realsitic shadow, in motion, film still, dual light
Negative Prompt
(canvas,white border,black border,frame), bad-hands-5, ((watermark,3d,cartoon,paint,draw,illustration,anime,render,3d render)),(muted colors:1.4),pixelated, low res, jpeg artifacts, Compression artifacts, bad art, worst quality, low resolution, low quality, plastic, fake, bad limbs, conjoined, featureless, bad features, incorrect objects, watermark, signature, logo
Cfg Scale2
SizeW: 832 / H: 1216