Stable Diffusion QGO - PromptingReal

Model NameqgoPromptingreal_qgoPromptingrealV1_58991.safetensors
candid frontal closeup close up body portrait of a (Russian woman:1.2) model (with long Blonde Pixie Cut Haircut:1.2), (posing in Dazzling Ballroom with Shimmering Dance Floor and Twinkling Lights during Snow Level:1.1), (wearing Glamorous Hollywood Film Star Fashion with Satin Gowns and Fur Stoles:1.2), at dark night, moonlight, (naughty), (Saluting:1.1), Dappled light Hair light, (bright flash photography:1.2), Deep reds aesthetic, (focus on the eyes), (hard shadows, pitch black brackground, unlit, dark theme, dim lighting, deep contrast:1.1), (background in focus), (wearing Futuristic Post-Apocalyptic Survivor Attire with Tattered Leather Jackets and Goggles:1.2), analog film grain overexposed blurry polaroid
Negative Prompt
(comic, illustration, painting, airbrushed, glossy, render, animation, 3d:1.1) shaders, monochrome, sepia, deformed
Cfg Scale5
SizeW: 640 / H: 896