Stable Diffusion Omnium

Model Nameomnium_v10_168140.safetensors
RAW Photograph, closeup of a beautiful woman who lives in a vast galactic empire in a distant future, stunning eyes that pierce your soul, wearing elegant clothing with luminescent detailing, colorful, highly detailed skin with visible pores, she holds secret knowledge about the fundamental nature of reality, specular highlights, future technology, cosmic motif, minimalist composition, insane intricate detail, award winning art, raytracing, sharp focus, 8k, hdr, masterpiece, photography, dslr, kodachrome, 35mm photograph, analog film, professional, highly detailed
Negative Prompt
Compression artifacts, bad art, worst quality, low quality, plastic, fake, bad limbs, conjoined, featureless, bad features, incorrect objects, watermark, logo
Cfg Scale4
SizeW: 0 / H: 0