Stable Diffusion NightVision XL - Photorealistic | Portrait | Photography | Hyperreal | Architecture | Interior Design - No refiner needed!

SD NamenightvisionXLPhotorealisticPortrait_beta0681Bakedvae_108833.safetensors
cinematic photo breathtaking professional photograph, Polaroid, Selective focus, Syrian Betty Boop, Fuji superia 400, Indirect light, Saturated, Depth of field 100mm . award-winning, professional, highly detailed . 35mm photograph, film, bokeh, professional, 4k, highly detailed, a look of shock
Negative Prompt
ugly, deformed, noisy, blurry, distorted, grainy, drawing, painting, crayon, sketch, graphite, impressionist, noisy, blurry, soft, deformed, ugly
Cfg Scale4.5
SizeW: 832 / H: 1216