Stable Diffusion NewRealityXL ❗ All-In-One Photographic

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close-up photo of an (Albino woman:1.1), embracing a (majestic Bengal tiger:1.3) with mutual affection, both featuring cybernetic enhancements, neon-striped fur, tiger's glowing eyes, woman and tiger resting on a (futuristic metal ledge:1.2), overlooking a (dystopian cyberpunk cityscape:1.1) with holographic billboards, woman's tongue playfully out, immersed in a cyber-augmented reality, high-tech animal, surrounded by a (muted jungle ambiance:1.1) and synthetic atmosphere, captured with a Nikon Z9, 1/250s, f/6.3, ISO 640, showcasing vivid colors, under the theme of cybernetic wildlife concept, UHD clarity, in RAW format,
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Cfg Scale5
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