Stable Diffusion MIX-Pro-V4

Model NamemixProV4_v4.safetensors
Original Character, Volumetric Lighting, Best Shadows, Shallow Depth of Field, Portrait Of Stunningly Beautiful Girl, Petite, Delicate Beautiful Attractive Face With Alluring Yellow Eyes, Messy Painted Face, Sharp Eyebrows, Broadly Smiling, Open Mouth, Fangs Out, Lovely Medium Breasts, Layered Long Twintail Blond Hair, Blush Eyeshadow, Thick Eyelashes, Applejack Hat, Oversized Pop Jacket, Mini Underboob Tee, Open Navel, Slim Waist, Denim Jeans Pants, With Buckle Belt, In The Graffiti Alley, Waste Container, Outside Stairs, Outdoor Unit, Holding Spray Paint Can, Standing, (Highest Quality, Amazing Details:1.25), (Solo:1.3), Brilliant Colorful Paintings
Negative Prompt
(Worst Quality, Low Quality:1.4), Poorly Made Bad 3D, Lousy Bad Realistic
Cfg Scale7
SizeW: 512 / H: 768