Stable Diffusion MoonFilm

Model NameleosamsHelloworldXL_helloworldXL60_376197.safetensors
film grain texture,analog photography aesthetic,A woman with skeletal makeup, high-fashion portrait style, striking skull face paint emulating a skeleton, detailed black and white makeup covering face and neck, illusion of a skeletal structure, black hollows around the eyes, nose, and mouth evoking eye sockets and nasal cavity, shaded collarbones and vertebrae mimicking an x-ray effect, matte black attire blending with body art, minimalist backdrop enhancing makeup artistry, gothic-inspired aesthetic, somber yet dynamic expression, light skin tone contrasting with dark makeup, wavy tousled hair adding texture, artistic tribute to Day of the Dead or similar cultural celebrations.,
Negative Prompt
low quality,jpeg artifacts,blurry,poorly drawn,ugly,worst quality,
Cfg Scale8
SizeW: 832 / H: 1260