Stable Diffusion gigatitums

Model Namegigatitums_9701
nun suit, cathedral, (((underboob))), <lora:gigatitums:0.4>, gigantic breasts, slim, young face, blonde, long hair
Negative Prompt
(((anime))), done by bad-artist, ugly, run-down, dirty, dingy alley, harsh and uninviting setting, dim and unflattering lighting, rusty and faded exterior of the car, damaged, poorly maintained features, broken headlights, mismatched wheels, dented front bumper, cracked windshield, bleak reflection of the surroundings, only one car, (too many (sideview mirrors)), 3D render, 3D game, 3D game scene, 3D character, mosaic, painting, illustration, digital art, cartoon, anime, doll, toy, photoshop, video game, surreal, sign, 3dcg, decorating, decoration, crayon, clipart, cgi, rendered, 3d, cartoon face, drawing, cgstation, airbrushed, sketch, render, unreal engine, blender, digital painting, airbrush, pointillism, painting, image compression, distorted, JPEG artifacts, noisy, shaky, pixelated, unclear, artifacts, low detail, low quality, low resolution, distortion, amateur, low res, low-res, cropped body, cut off, basic, boring, botched, unprofessional, draft, failure, fake, image corruption, irregular, uneven, unnatural, contorted, twisted, unappealing, blurry, haze, worst quality, normal quality, bad shadow, poor quality, amateur photography, tasteless, tacky, lacklustre, simple, plain, grainy, out of focus, fuzzy, cropped, uncentered, out of frame, body out of frame, split image, truncated, disjointed, incoherent, disorganized, jumbled, floating, objects, unreal, deformations, kitsch, unattractive, opaque, boring pose, plain background, boring, plain, standard, average, uninventive, derivative, homogenous, uncreative, ineffective, drab, amateur, text, font, ui, error, watermark, username, signature, QR code, bar code, copyright, HUD, tiling, label, watermarks, calligraphy, kanji, hanzi, hangul, hanza, chu, nom, latin, arabic, cyrillic, symbols, alphanumeric, unicode, script, high contrast, low contrast, High pass filter, watermarked, monotone, smooth, blur, vignette, filter, writing, oversaturation, over saturation, over shadow, gaussian, blurred, weird colors, blurred, grain, bad art, black-white, posterization, colour banding, grayscale, monochrome, b&w, oversaturated, black and white, no color, greyscale, poorly drawn, messy drawing, bad proportions, gross proportions, imperfection, misshappen, duplicate, double, bad anatomy, anatomical nonsense, malformed, misshaped body, uncoordinated body, long body, liquid body, deformed, deformed body, lopsided, mangled, conjoined, connected, intertwined, hooked, bad body, bad framing, out of shot, gross proportions
Cfg Scale7
SizeW: 512 / H: 768