Stable Diffusion FurryArt

SD Namefurryart_R_117119.safetensors
a fullbody snow owl man monster, humanoid, big, clawy hands, fluffy, muscles, white fur, white feathers, slend, mesomorph, sharp focus, dungeons and dragons, rpg arstation, empty handed, illustration, concept art, on parchment., da vinci notes, ultradetailed, artstation, art by greg rutkovski and peter mohrbacher and alphonse mucha
Negative Prompt
text, mutated, bad art, face out of frame, body out of frame, low quality, lowres, blurry, fused limbs, bad anatomy, deformed, cropped, ugly, mutated hands, poorly drawn hands, malformed hands, bad hands, fused hands, missing hand
Cfg Scale7
SizeW: 712 / H: 512