Stable Diffusion DivineEleganceMix

Model Namedivineelegancemix_V4_23480.safetensors
Realistic, Realism, (Masterpiece, Best Quality, High Quality, Highres:1.4), Detailed, Extremely Detailed, Ambient Soft Lighting, 4K, (Extremely Detailed Eyes, Detailed Face and Skin:1.2), Ornate, Indoor, (Renaissance:1.4), (Vintage Windows:1.1), Royal Furniture, 1Girl, (Solo:1.4), Standing, (Upper Body:1.2), Looking at Viewer, Hands on Hips, Blonde Hair, (High Ponytail, Hair Intakes, Long Sidelocks, Swept Bangs:1.3), (Red Eyes:1.2), (Curvy:1.4), Wide Hips, Large Breasts, Cleavage, (Fully Clothed, Elegant Gold Trim Red Dress, Puffy Long Skirt, Puffy Juliet Sleeves, Gorget:1.2), Jewelry,
Negative Prompt
EasyNegative, Bad-Hands-3, (Low Quality, Worst Quality, Lowres:1.4), (Blurry, Blurry Background, Depth of Field, Bokeh, DOF, Fog, Bloom:1.4), (Shiny Clothes, Latex, Impossible Clothes, Black Dress:1.4), (Bare Thighs, Bare Legs:1.4), (Breast Apart, Sagging Breasts:1.4),
Cfg Scale7
SizeW: 512 / H: 768