Stable Diffusion Copax TimeLessXL - SDXL1.0

SD NamecopaxTimelessxlSDXL1_v9_230929.safetensors
big breasts, breasts, a race, side view, cleavage, (candid:1.3) photography of a beautiful, (exhausted:1.2), (sweaty:1.1), (short brown hairs:1.2), (sailing a boat:1.3),(full body framing:1.3), sailing race, shot at eye level, shot with a Leica M3,50mm, (detailed skin), Turkish sensual milf in a crowded field, people in the background, black hair, short bob hair, wavy hair, Instagram post, (sailing:1.3), tired face, sweaty, breasts, silhouette, spotlight, dark theme, open sea, (((holding ropes:1.4))),
Negative Prompt
painting,drawing,sketch,cartoon,anime,manga,render,CG,3d,watermark,signature,label,long neck,
Cfg Scale7
SizeW: 576 / H: 1024