Stable Diffusion Comic Babes

Model NamecomicBabes_v1_20019.safetensors
Comic style, illustration, line art style, illustrated cowboy shot of (22 years old ([Amy Adams|Kate Bosworth])) with auburn colored hair and pale green eyes dancing, celebrating, (balloons and confetti), eyes closed, big grin, happy, wearing sundress, small breasts, cleavage, party, (heart shaped balloons) flying in the air, celebration, high energy, uhd, absurdres, dynamic lighting, dynamic pose, hand drawn style, bright colors, fun explosion background
Negative Prompt
text, easynegative, shiny, photograph, black eyebrows, hands, furrowed brow, angry, large breasts, ribs, muscular, bad-hands-5
Cfg Scale7
SizeW: 0 / H: 0