Stable Diffusion Colorful

Model Namecolorful_v21_14692.safetensors
best ratio four finger and one thumb, attractive stunning Ukrainian woman, (messy bun), skin pores, behind glacial mountains, snow, (high detailed skin:1.1), film grain, Fujifilm XT3, (high detailed face:1.1), (soothing tones:1.25), (hdr:1.25), (artstation:1.2), dramatic, (intricate details:1.14), (hyperrealistic 3d render:1.16), (filmic:0.55), (rutkowski:1.1), (faded:1.3), ((partially exposed nipples))
Negative Prompt
(deformed, distorted, disfigured:1.3), (stacked torsos, totem:1.3), (extra limb, missing limb, floating limbs:1.2), (mutated hands and fingers:1.4), ( fused fingers, too many fingers, extra fingers:1.2), (distorted hands, missing hands, double hands:1.2), (blurry, amputation, black and white, sepia, zombie ,watermark, censored:1.1),(poorly drawn, bad anatomy, wrong anatomy:1.0)
Cfg Scale8
SizeW: 768 / H: 1024