Stable Diffusion cineMaErosPG_V4

Model NamecinemaerospgV4_cinemaerospgV4UF_69996.safetensors
a close-up photography of a elegant Princess with very long (windblown:1.1) ombre platinum white hair, disbelief, flat sagging breasts with long nipples, she is strolling in Cinderella castle, she is wearing a beautiful multiple stitched layers green ballgown with black accent, encrusted with jewels, intricate pattern, detailed, hair accessory glamour model, (textured skin, skin pores:1.1), (moles:0.8), imperfect skin, goosebumps, flawless face, (light freckles:0.9), windy, (night:1.1), dark theme, star, moonlit
Negative Prompt
big boobs, 3d, cartoon, (low quality:1.5), child, duplicate, multiple, disfigured, old, ugly, (teen:1.2), cartoon, (low quality:1.5), child, duplicate, multiple
Cfg Scale4
SizeW: 512 / H: 768