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uploaded on e621, by Pixelsketcher, by Bayard Wu, by Thomas Benjamin Kennington , by Einshelm, solo (((wildlife feral))) (((nick wilde))) with ((neck tuft)) and (fluffy tail) and ((clear navy blue eyes)), (( portrait)), BREAK, ((wear green and blue hawaii floral shirt)), (detailed Chunie feral fox), (detailed Bonifasko lighting), (detailed fur), (detailed skin), BREAK, ((sitting at community on full moon night)), (cinematic lighting), ((detailed background)), ((high-angle view)), (((three-quarter view))), (half body shadow), [backlighting], [crepuscular ray], [detailed ambient light], [gray natural lighting], [ambient light on the belly], (higher wildlife feral detail), [realistic proportions], [explict content], [sharp focus], (questionable content), (shaded), ((masterpiece)), BREAK
Negative Prompt
lowres, blurry, low quality, bad body anatomy, letterbox, deformity, mutilated, malformed, amputee, watermark, signature, sketch, monochrome, sex, penetration, anthro, penis, breasts
Cfg Scale5
SizeW: 640 / H: 896