Stable Diffusion Naraku / Inuyasha

Model NameNarakuIY_115960
(masterpiece, best quality, extremely detailed CG, beautiful detailed eyes, ultra-detailed, intricate details:1.2), 8k wallpaper, elaborate features, glistening shiny, glowing light, ray tracing, HDR, deph of field, (perfect face, detailed face, detailed eyes), beautiful lips, 8k, HD, perfect lighting, glowing eyes, looking at viewer, ((beautiful detailed eyelashes)), full body, zen garden, sakura, sakura blossom, cherry blossom, wind hair, lake, sunset, <lora:NarakuIY:1>, 1boy, NarakuIY, naraku (inuyasha), red eyes, black hair, very long hair, messy hair, spiked bangs, makeup, eyeliner, blue kimono, print kimono, blue hakama, haori, japanese clothes, wide sleeves, black tabi, sandals
Negative Prompt
(adult girl, mature igrl), bad-hands-3, bad-hands-5, EasyNegativeV2, easynegative, verybadimagenegative_v1.3, ((fewer fingers, extra fingers, deformed fingers)), (worst quality, low quality:1.4), extra fingers, fewer fingers, (bad anatomy, deformed, medium breasts, large breasts, huge breasts), (depth of field, bokeh, blurry), greyscale, text, title, logo, signature, text, logo, writing, signature, watermark, desaturated, (lip, nose, realistic:1.1), 3d, blue eyes, sideboob
Cfg Scale8.5
SizeW: 1280 / H: 1520