Stable Diffusion <MAGIFACTORY> t-shirt diffusion

Model NameMAGIFACTORYTShirt_magifactoryTShirtModel_7624.safetensors
a terminator t-1000 with red eyes and a leather jacket, digital art in the style of greg rutkowski trending on Artstation deviantart pinterest furaffinity detailed realistic hd 8k high resolution masterpiece fine detail photorealistic highlights sharp contrast small screen background dark fantasy horror aesthetic octane render unreal engine 5 k volumetric lighting by Richard Ting depth foggy space. (centered and enclosed on a flat color background:1.2) as a t-shirt logo in the style of <MAGIFACTORY> art
Negative Prompt
(woman:0.5), badly drawn, noisy, noise, blurred, ugly, cropped, out of frame, (double:1.4), (repeated:1.4), (repeating:1.2), signature, (text:1.2), (font:1.2), watermark, (white background:1.2), clothing structure
Cfg Scale7
SizeW: 512 / H: 512