Stable Diffusion [Lah] Mysterious | SDXL

Model NameLahMysteriousSDXL_v40_122478.safetensors
masterpiece, best quality ultra-realistic mix fantasy,(1 giant eastern dragon:1.3) behind an asian woman holding a glowing sword,void energy diamond sword, in the style of dark azure and light azure, mixes realistic and fantastical elements, vibrant manga, uhd image, glassy translucence, vibrant illustrations, ultra realistic, long hair, straight hair, light purple hair,head jewelly, jewelly, shawls,light In eyes, red eyes, portrait, firefly, bokeh, mysterious, fantasy, cloud, abstract, colorful background, night sky, flame, very detailed, high resolution, sharp, sharp image, 4k, 8k, masterpiece, best quality, magic effect, (high contrast:1.4), dream art, diamond, skin detail, face detail, eyes detail, mysterious colorful background, dark blue themes
Negative Prompt
Focus on depicting quality issues like low quality, worst quality, jpeg artifacts, blurry, soft, and noisy visuals. The art style should encompass elements like comic, cartoon, artwork, western style, drawing, painting, crayon, sketch, graphite, and impressionist. Incorporate monochrome and effects, including monochrome, Bokeh effect, render, 3D, and a Greasy face appearance. The subject should emphasize anatomy and deformities such as zombie features, malformed limbs, extra limbs, cloned face, disfigurement, bad proportions, deformation, distortion, long neck, bad anatomy, bad hands, missing fingers, bad feet, too many fingers, poorly drawn hands, more than 2 thighs, mutated hands and fingers, bad face, extra limbs, three arms, and missing limbs. Avoid any text and signatures like watermark, signature, username, and artist name. Other negative traits to be aware of include a simple background, ugly visuals, duplicates, mutilation, mutations, NFSW content, negative_hand-neg, skin blemishes, errors, extra digits, fewer digits, and bad anatomy.
Cfg Scale6
SizeW: 728 / H: 1008