Stable Diffusion Komatsuzaki Rui - Danganronpa Artist Style

Model NameKomatsuzakiRuiV2_27943
<lora:KomatsuzakiRuiV2:1>, 1girl, solo, upper body, <lora:jinxLeagueOfLegends_v10:1>, jinxlol,
Negative Prompt
portrait, zoomed, extra limbs, (extra fingers), mutated hands, bad anatomy, bad proportions, blind, bad eyes, blur, vignette, out of shot, out of focus, gaussian, closeup, monochrome, grainy, noisy, ((text)), censorship, ugly, old, deformed, odd, tall, lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, missing fingers, extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worst quality, low quality, jpeg artifacts, ((signature)), ((watermark)), blurry, out of focus, bad hands, poorly drawn hands, (((multiple views:1.4))), 2girls,
Cfg Scale7
SizeW: 512 / H: 768