Stable Diffusion [Digital] s4w3d0ff Blend

Model NameDigitalS4w3d0ffBlend_v11_6871.safetensors
hyper real photo of ((woman inside a cluttered barn wearing sexy worn-out torn cotton tanktop)), ((detailed realistic face and eyes)), cinematic lighting, 8k resolution, (modelshoot style), sunset, (from_below:1.4), soft small nipples covered by (ripped torn cotton tanktop), natural breasts
Negative Prompt
multiple subjects, old, wrinkles, twins, deformed, childish, kid, hat, man, male, masculine, mens, lingerie, bra, ((exaggerated proportions)), sunglasses, amateur, sleeves, drawing, illustration, digital art, logo, watermark, signature, tan-lines, anime, manga, comic, pinup, uncanny, (exposed nipples), freckles
Cfg Scale3.5
SizeW: 512 / H: 760