Stable Diffusion Taureal Mix

Model NametaurealMix_v37Fp16prunedVae_65965.safetensors
realistic, detailed, realistic details, intricate detail, cgi, masterpiece, best illustration, break, 1girl, slender, tanned skin, blonde hair, small breast, cleavage, ((wet, sweating)), long hair, black hair, petite, female swordsman, urban samurai, breast plate, ((intricate pattern)), ((torn clothes)), blood, injury, princess, tiara, detailed skin complexion, seductive face, ((riding a horse)), looking at viewer, break, (((detailed background, dark fantasy, raining, medieval battlefield, armies clashing, chaotic, fire, dark, dust, particle effect, , projectile, volumetric fog))), break, cowboy shot, perspective, rule of third, depth and dimension, depth of field, proportion, light and shadow contrast, break, <lora:IG_Imazhai:0.35>
Negative Prompt
nsfw, (badhandv4:1.2), ng_deepnegative_v1_75t, (low resolution:1.3), (blurry:1.3), (worst quality:1.3), (low quality:1.3), collage, censored, multi-view, multiview, (((symbol, watermark, artists name, logo, signature, letter, web address))), (((monochrome:1.3))), futanari, yaoi, gay, amputee, umbrella
Cfg Scale10
SizeW: 512 / H: 768