Stable Diffusion MoonFilm

Model Namemoonfilm_utopia30.safetensors
tusuncat, (wearing astronaut suit:1.2), cyberpunk, sci-fic, (realistic eye color and details), fluffy, big head, science fiction, communist ideology, Cyborg, fantasy, intense angle, soft lighting, (photograph, 4k, hyper detailed, portrait wallpaper, realistic, photo-realistic), DSLR, 24 Megapixels, Full Frame, vibrant details, octane render, finely detail, best quality, incredibly absurdres, robotic parts, rim light, vibrant details, luxurious cyberpunk, hyperrealistic, cable electric wires, microchip, <lora:Tusuncat:0.45>
Negative Prompt
stygian, cartoon, anime, sketches, (worst quality, low quality), (distorted, misshapen, disfigured), (imperfect eyes, erroneous lips, peculiar mouth, poor teeth, anomalous hands and fingers:1.2), faulty anatomy, incorrect anatomy, ablation, supernumerary limb, absent limb, levitating limbs, disunited limbs, teratism, repellent, nauseating, (bad_pictures, negative_hand-neg:1.2)
Cfg Scale7
SizeW: 512 / H: 768