Stable Diffusion BARBIE | Toy Story 3

Model NameTS_Barbie-21_55558
<lora:TS_Barbie-21:0.8>, (masterpiece, best quality), highres, (8k, RAW photo, highest quality), hyperrealistic, 3d, centered, (TS_Barbie), mid shot, (full body:1.2), a cartoon girl in a blue jumpsuit and pink belt in the style of pixar, (perfect lighting and composition:1),soft lighting, (high detail, 8K resolution:1), hdr:0.7, detailed face, perfect, (dynamic), pose, (high quality:1.2), plastic skin, ((shiny:1.3)), hourglass figure, smile, (depth of field:0.8), 50mm, film grain:0.7, fujifilmXT3, focus face, (sad:1.2), looking at viewer, detailed eyes, detailed face, floating particles, analog style, beautiful, light makeup, lipstick, (thick waist and thighs:0.6), summer vacation, tropical, palm tree, sandy beach, amazing composition, lively, huge breasts
Negative Prompt
(worst quality, low quality:1.4),lowres, (badv5), EasyNegative:0.8, (nsfw:1.2), ((missing arms, missing legs:!.2)), ((made by bad-artist)), (loli:1.3), child, (((blurry))), bobble head, big head, huge eyes, heterochromia, cropped,( (out of frame)), badhandv4, horns, chibi, petite, skinny, ((bad anatomy)), ((bad hands)), text, missing finger, extra digits, fewer digits, ((mutated hands and fingers)), (poorly drawn face), ((mutation)), ((deformed face)), (ugly), ((bad proportions)), ((extra limbs)), extra face, (double head), (extra head), ((extra feet)), monster, error, watermarks, logo, cropped, normal quality, jpeg, long body, long neck, ((jpeg artifacts)), bad composition, compressed, noise, artifacts, dithering, simple, collage, pixel, ((dot nose)), leotard, small chest, skindentation, skin tight, ((aged down)), ((nipples)), (large forehead), long neck, incoherent, cg, air brush, ugly, ((close up:1.3)), chromatic abberation, sepia, (((missing limb))), ((narrow waist)),
Cfg Scale10
SizeW: 512 / H: 768