Stable Diffusion Kenshi

Model Namekenshi_01_6951.safetensors
(on the moon, space, looking back into earth), white hair, black tank top, volumetric lighting, white jacket, glowing headphone, cyberpunk, futuristic, multi-color eyes, detailed eyes, hyper detailed,light smile, highly detailed, beautiful, small details, ultra detailed, best quality, intricate, hyperrealism, sharp, digital illustration, detailed, realism, intricate, 4k, 8k, trending on artstation, good anatomy, beautiful lighting, award-winning, photorealistic, realistic shadows, realistic lighting, beautiful lighting, raytracing, intricate details, moody, rule of thirds, masterpiece, (illustration:1.1), highres, (extremely detailed CG, unity, 8k wallpaper:1.1), beautiful face, highly detailed face, ultra realistic, masterpiece, bokeh, extremely detailed, intricate, zoomout, colorful, vibrant colors, red nail polish, side view,
Negative Prompt
pornographic, erotic, eroge, hentai, ecchi, futanari, shota, shotacon loli, lolicon, bad-artist, bad-hands-5, bad_quality, (bad_prompt_version2:0.7), claws, umbrella, lowres, bad-artist, bad-hands-5,claws, fullbody, zoom out, bad_quality, nsfw,
Cfg Scale7.5
SizeW: 600 / H: 800