Stable Diffusion Star Wars Environments

Model NameEnvironment - StarWars_41467
<lora:Environment - StarWars:1> Imagine standing in the middle of a futuristic city, with towering skyscrapers surrounding you. Listen to the sound of cars and hovercrafts zooming by on the streets below. Look up and see the neon lights of billboards and advertisements flashing in the night sky. Notice the intricate patterns of metal and glass in the buildings' architecture. Feel the cool, artificial breeze blowing through the city, carrying with it the scent of pollution. Explore the alleyways and side streets, where you might find hidden markets and underground clubs. Experiment with colors, patterns, and shapes to create a unique piece of art that captures the bustling energy of this futuristic cityscape.
Negative Prompt
sketch, duplicate, ugly, huge eyes, text, logo, monochrome, worst face, (bad and mutated hands:1.3), (worst quality:2.0), (low quality:2.0), (blurry:2.0), horror, geometry, bad_prompt, (bad hands), (missing fingers), multiple limbs, bad anatomy, (interlocked fingers:1.2), Ugly Fingers, (extra digit and hands and fingers and legs and arms:1.4), ((2girl)), (deformed fingers:1.2), (long fingers:1.2),(bad-artist-anime), bad-artist, bad hand, extra legs
Cfg Scale5
SizeW: 576 / H: 576