Stable Diffusion MIX-Pro-V4.5+ColorBox

Model NamemixProV45Colorbox_v45_31040.safetensors
Candid Shot At Girl Picture, Volumetric Lighting, Best Shadows, Shallow Depth of Field, Portrait Of Stunningly Beautiful Girl, Delicate Beautiful Attractive Face With Alluring Sharp Blue Eyes, Sharp Eyebrows, Enjoying The Scenery, Closed Mouth, Lovely Medium Breasts, Layered Long Black Two-Side Up Hair, Windswept Hair, Hair Ribbon, Blush Eyeshadow, Thick Eyelashes, Cross On The Red Turtleneck Shirt, Long Sleeve, Slim Waist, Black Short Pleated Skirt, Thigh Gap, Black Thigh-High Stockings, Red Sky At Night, Clouds, School Rooftop, Under Red Moon, Rooftop Guardrails, Villagescape, Facing Away, Side View of Leaning On Railing, Shoulder Blades, (Highest Quality, Amazing Details:1.25), (Solo:1.3), Brilliant Colorful Paintings
Negative Prompt
(Worst Quality, Low Quality:1.4)
Cfg Scale7
SizeW: 512 / H: 768