Stable Diffusion Cinematic Film Style XL

Model NameCinematic Film_160021
<lora:Cinematic Film:1> Cinematic Film stock footage in (arri alexa style) Kodak film print, James Bond 007 a man in a black jacket holding a gun Cinematic Film Style
Negative Prompt
tripod, camera, anime, animation, cartoon, 3D, drawing, painting, (censorship, censored, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, lowres, low details, bad photo, bad photography, bad art:1.4), (watermark, signature, text font, username, error, logo, words, letters, digits, autograph, trademark, name:1.2), (blur, blurry), morbid, ugly, asymmetrical, mutated malformed, mutilated, poorly lit, bad shadow, draft, cropped, out of frame, cut off, censored, jpeg artifacts, out of focus, glitch, duplicate, (bad hands, bad anatomy, bad body, bad face, bad teeth, bad arms, bad legs, deformities:1.3) (ugly hands, ugly anatomy, ugly body, ugly face, ugly teeth, ugly arms, ugly legs, deformities:1.3) ugly fingers, bad fingers, (((ugly nipples, bad nipples, deformed nipples))), (((Bad teeth, ugly teeth)))
Cfg Scale7
SizeW: 1365 / H: 768