Stable Diffusion ZavyChromaXL

Model Namezavychromaxl_b2_103298.safetensors
a girl made out of (Delfts blauw:1.4), cracked, shattered porcelain, deep fine cracks, kintsugi, white porcelain, delfts blauw, as seen from side, looking at viewer, face focus, freckles, redhead, masterpiece, best quality, (intricate details), (****), eldritch, glow, glowing eyes, volumetric lighting, unique pose, dynamic pose, dutch angle, 35mm, anamorphic, lightroom, cinematography, film grain, HDR10, 8k hdr, Steve McCurry, ((cinematic)), RAW, color graded portra 400 film, remarkable color, raytracing, subsurface scattering,
Negative Prompt
(deformed, distorted, disfigured:1.3), poorly drawn, bad anatomy, wrong anatomy, extra limb, missing limb, floating limbs, (mutated hands and fingers:1.4), disconnected limbs, mutation, mutated, ugly, disgusting, blurry, amputation. tattoo, watermark, text, anime, illustration, sketch, 3d, vector art, cartoon, painting, skin
Cfg Scale8
SizeW: 0 / H: 0