Stable Diffusion Arthemy Comics

Model NamearthemyComics_v40_75982.safetensors
ATTENTION - THIS IS THE ONLY PICTURE GENERATED WITH A IMG2IMG TECHNIQUE, ITS SETTINGS WILL BRING TO DIFFERENT RESULTS. (artwork:1.2),( lineart:1.33),(lineart:1.33),young,1boy,portrait male elf boy prince of the wild in front of a portal, (evil snob:1.2), overlord grin,close-up,imposing deco antlers,(hyperdefined),(inked-art),green, yellow, orange tones,cartoon,celtic gothic aesthetic,complex lighting,(flat saturated bright colors),(ultradetailed:1.2),absurdres, (atmosphere), cinematic composition, fine details, perspective, (close-up:1.2), watercolor abstract background, (movement:1.2)
Negative Prompt
easynegative,bad-hands-5, verybadimagenegative_v1.3, (sketch),lowres,(text,words:1.3),watermark,(simple background),glitch,(jpeg-artifact:1.2), perspective, (desaturated), compressed, jpeg, dark
Cfg Scale8.5
SizeW: 768 / H: 1152