Stable Diffusion Unstable Diffusers ☛ YamerMIX

Model NamesdxlUnstableDiffusers_v11_216694.safetensors
Inside a cramped, narrow hole, The two of us show each other our dreams, We can't be in that world, Neither can we be in this world, Dear God-the god of children, We are covered in scratches in the, Sandbox where you amused yourself, We dance, We spin around, Our dance is a queer one, Our eyes are shaky, All sounds are a mere jumble, Our legs are also shaky. An illusion, a mere jumble, The sun, the moon, the sky, and God-all, Bringing forth this life of hole-dwelling, We can't escape, We won't escape, so close your eyes, Into the vortex of this life of hole-dwelling
Negative Prompt
bad quality, bad anatomy, worst quality, low quality, low resolution, extra fingers, blur, blurry, ugly, wrong proportions, watermark, image artifacts, lowres, ugly, jpeg artifacts, deformed, noisy image, deformation, skin moles
Cfg Scale12
SizeW: 576 / H: 1024