Stable Diffusion SDXL_Niji_V3

Model NamesdxlNijiV3_sdxlNijiV3_104571.safetensors
a portrait of the most handsome man in the world staring at the camera, magic the gathering artwork, d & d, fantasy, cinematic lighting, centered, symmetrical, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, volumetric lighting, epic composition, 8 k, art by akihiko yoshida and greg rutkowski and craig mullins, heroic pose, oil painting, cgsociety, magic lab background
Negative Prompt
worst quality, low quality, normal quality, bad quality, poor quality, lowres, extra fingers, missing fingers, poorly rendered hands, mutation, deformed iris, deformed pupils, watermark, realistic, semi-realistic
Cfg Scale5
SizeW: 1024 / H: 1120