Stable Diffusion ProtoVision XL - High Fidelity 3D / Photorealism / Anime / hyperrealism - No Refiner Needed

Model NameprotovisionXLHighFidelity3D_beta0520Bakedvae_106612.safetensors
f/1.4, square image, close up film photo, portrait of a necromancer, blue black fauxhawk, dark teal eyes, feathers and bone jewelry, elegant pose, atmospheric lighting, cinematic composition, detailed, spring, mood, Dark comedy, {Tarot Lovecraft Madness nautical full moon symmetrical decorative tarot card border concept art| anime niji illustration | Photorealistic Cinematic lighting 4K quality super realistic detailed photo style cinematic 35mm rich deep colors masterpiece ultra high resolution photorealism 8k hyper realism fujifilm | Digital Art Illustration Adobe Photoshop | Classic Comic Style inked lines Cell Shading CCA approved | High Fantasy Art Magical mythical enchanted epic enigmatic spellbinding | cinematic color grading lighting vintage realistic film grain scratches celluloid analog cool shadows warm highlights soft focus actor directed cinematography technicolor | futuristic Neon cyberpunk synthwave cybernetic | Isometric Angle Isometric view | low poly geometric shapes | origami papier-mch folded paper minimalistic collage | line art inked negative space minimalistic pencil and paper simple drawing | digital cinematic color grading natural lighting cool shadows warm highlights soft focus actor directed cinematography dolbyvision | shiny intricate 3D graphics octane render highly detailed 8k HDR UHD high quality professional unreal engine PS5 cinematic vray | Pixel Art pixelated pixel pixel | Ektachrome, Romantic, Realism, flat lighting, gilded technique, DOF, bokeh | Professional award winning sketch on paper | monochrome grayscale black and white b&w cool shadows warm highlights soft focus black and white classic sound stage vintage film grain scratches patina directed cinematography movie film classic | medium shot centered pose shallow dof soft focus portrait} {1-3$$ and by $$Ching Yeh|Yoji Shinkawa|Vanessa Winship}, {Smiling happily| laughing uncontrollably super funny | a look of shock | a look of terror scared horrified | Yelling upset angry | extremely content happy smile | confused, looking around scared | a look of severe determination | defiant, challenging stare, arms crossed | skeptical, doubting, cynical | involved in a project}
Negative Prompt
glasses hat freckles mask necklace shine earrings weapon
Cfg Scale4.5
SizeW: 1024 / H: 1024