Stable Diffusion Juggernaut

Model Namejuggernaut_v21_66161.safetensors
Portrait photo of muscular bearded guy in a worn mech suit, ((light bokeh)), intricate, (steel metal [rust]), elegant, sharp focus, photo by greg rutkowski, soft lighting, vibrant colors, (masterpiece), ((streets)), (detailed face:1.1), eye iris
Negative Prompt
(worst quality, low quality, normal quality, lowres, low details, oversaturated, undersaturated, overexposed, underexposed, grayscale, bw, bad photo, bad photography, bad art:1.4), (watermark, signature, text font, username, error, logo, words, letters, digits, autograph, trademark, name:1.2), (blur, blurry, grainy), morbid, ugly, asymmetrical, mutated malformed, mutilated, poorly lit, bad shadow, draft, cropped, out of frame, cut off, censored, jpeg artifacts, out of focus, glitch, duplicate, (airbrushed, cartoon, anime, semi-realistic, cgi, render, blender, digital art, manga, amateur:1.3), (3D ,3D Game, 3D Game Scene, 3D Character:1.1), (bad hands, bad anatomy, bad body, bad face, bad teeth, bad arms, bad legs, deformities:1.3)
Cfg Scale5.5
SizeW: 512 / H: 768