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Model Namehassanblend1512AndPrevious_hassanblend1512_4610.safetensors
high detail raw photo masterpiece, best quality, detailed, j scott campbell, artgerm, loish, sexy demon woman, full body, detailed face, flawless face, perfect eyes, highly detailed, 4 k, hdr, smooth, sharp focus, high resolution, award - winning photo
Negative Prompt
High pass filter, airbrush,portrait,zoomed, soft light, smooth skin,closeup, Anime, fake, cartoon, deformed, extra limbs, extra fingers, mutated hands, bad anatomy, bad proportions , blind, bad eyes, ugly eyes, dead eyes, blur, vignette, out of shot, out of focus, gaussian, closeup, monochrome, grainy, noisy, text, writing, watermark, logo, oversaturation , over saturation, over shadow,
Cfg Scale6
SizeW: 512 / H: 640