Stable Diffusion Elldreth's Lucid Mix

Model NameelldrethsLucidMix_v10_51.safetensors
closeup portrait of a cute red riding hood in a dark spooky forest, big bad wolf in background, scary, (backlighting), realistic, masterpiece, highest quality, ((red hooded cape)), basket of food on ground, ((scared)), lens flare, shade, bloom, ((light sparkles)), [chromatic aberration], by Jeremy Lipking, by Antonio J. Manzanedo, by (Alphonse Mucha), digital painting
Negative Prompt
(lowres:1.4), (bad anatomy:1.4), (bad hands:1.4), (text:1.4), (error:1.4), (missing fingers:1.4), (extra digit:1.4), (fewer digits:1.4), (cropped:1.4), (worst quality:1.4), (low quality:1.4), (normal quality:1.4), (jpeg artifacts:1.4), (signature:1.4), (watermark:1.4), (username:1.4), (blurry:1.4), (artist name:1.4)
Cfg Scale11.5
SizeW: 768 / H: 1280