Stable Diffusion DynaVision XL - All-in-one stylized 3D SFW and NSFW output, no refiner needed!

Model NamedynavisionXLAllInOneStylized_beta0371Bakedvae_102467.safetensors
comic an exotic tribal black woman, dark black skin, traditional tribal wear, naked breasts, national geographic cover, under a headline with the text "DYNAVISION" on it . graphic illustration, comic art, graphic novel art, vibrant, highly detailed
Negative Prompt
bra strap panties clothes, tiling poorly drawn out of frame stubby mutation mutated extra limbs extra legs extra arms disfigured deformed odd weird off putting out of frame bad anatomy double clones twins brothers same face repeated person long neck hat poorly drawn cropped text watermark signature logo split image copyright desaturated artifacts noise, photograph, deformed, glitch, noisy, realistic, stock photo
Cfg Scale7
SizeW: 0 / H: 0