Stable Diffusion CinEro XL | Photomatic Cinegraphy - Moody Creative Cinematic

Model NamecineroXLPhotomatic_v12aPHENO_137703.safetensors
realistic full body shot of (elegant Slavic woman:1.15) with natural skin texture and intricate body art and perfect feminine anatomy showing open palm, abandoned industrial zone in Chernobyl, Voronoi-shaped blocks on the ground, dark carbon voxels with sharp edges, low-poly abandoned nuclear plant, (perfect hands:1.23), (glitter:0.85), (shiny black slime, Voronoi scales, depth of field, (swirly bokeh:1.275), (Kodak Portra 400:0.925) :1.25), (realistic complex abandoned nuclear plant background:1.1), shiny glass, (cosmic horror, gloom, light leaks, mysterious, surreal:1.1), remarkable masterpiece, celestial, ethereal, epic, magical light flares, natural soft dreamy lighting, ((warm-yellow and cold-green:0.85), cinematic look, ideal hand anatomy, hairy pubic, hairy armpits:1.25)
Negative Prompt
an10, (makeup, unnatural, smooth skin:1.3), cartoon, comics, illustration, anime, inconsistent background, (main subject out of focus, focus on background:1.15), (jpg artifacts, cartoon, illustration, anime, drawing, closeup, close-up, close shot, picture in picture:1.25), (fused fingers, different eyes, malformed cornea, different iris, extra fingers, unnatural skin, unnatural nipple areola, malformed pubic, malformed genitalia:1.2), (asian:1.15), (signature, watermark, text, symbol:1.4), (safety panties, blurry pussy, censor bar, censor panties, censored, censor blur:1.3), NaturallyCoolDetailer_NegV1, SkinPerfection_NegV15, (bad-hands-5:1.1), boring_e621_v4, CR1.3_Neg
Cfg Scale4.71
SizeW: 0 / H: 0