Stable Diffusion Vampire (Azur lane)(吸血鬼)

Model NameVampire (Azur lane)(吸血鬼)_44969
masterpiece:1.2,best quality:1.2, incredibly absurdres, absurdres, highres, wallpaper, colorful, 1girl, solo, vampire \(azur lane\), petite, white hair, long hair, twintails, red eyes, <lora:Out:0.7>, wine glass,
Negative Prompt
worst quality:1.2, low quality:1.2, easynegative, extra digits, text, signature, bad anatomy, mutated hand, missing finger, cropped, worse quality, bad quality, lowres, floating limbs, bad hands, extra legs, extra arms, random body parts, anatomical nonsense, missing arms, missing legs, extra ears, tongue, extra hands, hands with no body, floating hands, amputee legs, amputee arms, extra bellybutton, puffy vagina, puffy pussy, badly drawn mouth, badly drawn eyes, badly drawn pussy, badly drawn nose, badly drawn lips, body out of frame, poor facial features, bad composition, mutated body parts, disfigured, error, jpeg artifacts, malformed limbs, fused fingers, too many fingers,
Cfg Scale7
SizeW: 600 / H: 800