Stable Diffusion Furry Eeveelution LoRA

Model NameS1-Furry-Eeveeution_32550
<lora:S1-Furry-Eeveeution:0.78>, Furry-Eeveeution, uploaded on e621, by Pino Daeni, by Ruan Jia, by Shiitakemeshi, by Alayna Lemmer, by Carlo Galli Bibiena, solo female ((cyan fluffy Vaporeon)) with (((cyan body))) and ((clear eyes)) and (whale tail),((she has medium breasts)),(young),(portrait),[nude],(((detailed Chunie anthro [Vaporeon]))),(detailed Chunie lighting),(detailed fur),(detailed breasts),[detailed Shiitakemeshi skin],(cinematic lighting),[detailed ambient light],[detailed face and eyes],[starry],[genital focus],((half body shadow)),backlighting,crepuscular ray,[gray natural lighting],[ambient light on the belly],[higher body and limbs detail],[higher breasts detail],[realistic proportions],[explict content],[sharp focus],(questionable content),(shaded),((masterpiece)), (side view), ((((1$wear medium purple winter clothes, sweater, scarf, pants)))), ((three-quarter portrait)), ((lying at lighthouse with wall on storm day)), (cinematic lighting), [starry], ((low-angle view))
Negative Prompt
lowres, blurry, low quality, bad body anatomy, letterbox, deformity, mutilated, malformed, amputee, watermark, signature, sketch, monochrome, sex, penis
Cfg Scale5
SizeW: 512 / H: 768