Stable Diffusion Pearl / Yellow Pearl / Blue Pearl - Steven Universe

Model NamePearl-10v10-2_169950
Pearl,orange hair,forehead jewel,pointy hair,pointy nose,blue eyes, standing,solo, Blue dress with tiny gold star on front,blue sash,bare shoulders,small skirt,leggings, nighttime,beach,stars, (insanely detailed,beautiful detailed face, masterpiece, best quality),<lora:Pearl-10v10-2:0.8>,
Negative Prompt
(bad anatomy:0.8),bad hands,cropped,poorly drawn face,poorly drawn hands,missing limb,out of focus,monochrome,symbol,text,logo,((bar censor)),lowres,censored,signature,(worst quality, low quality:1.3),(depth of field, blurry:1.2),loli,negative_hand-neg,holding,
Cfg Scale6
SizeW: 608 / H: 768